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Opening the Gates

 A Promise
From the Creator of the World

This article is intended for anyone who could use an additional thousand shekels a month, and for people who laugh out loud when they think about buying apartments for their children, because it's just so unthinkable.

Is there a recipe for a surefire, successful way to earn a livelihood? How could someone like me possibly support his family comfortably and respectably and still have enough left over to put something away for the children's futures? Does Hakadosh Baruch Hu reveal to us in the Torah under which circumstances He grants a person money?

Amazingly enough, the answer is yes! There are promises! Hakadosh Basruch Hu makes promises.

We're not talking about recommendations or guidance – we are referring to outright promises for wealth and an ample livelihood. G-dly promises. Hakadosh Baruch Hu has personally revealed to humankind what the criteria are and how it is possible to be the beneficiary of wealth.

"He is guaranteed that his livelihood will not diminish" – this is the word the Torah uses. You, too, can easily merit this "guarantee."

Almost nothing in this world is "guaranteed." A salary can disappear as quickly as it appeared. Good health hangs on a hair. One needs heavenly mercy to merit nachas from one's children and respect from the community he belongs to. Even the earth we stand on and life itself – is not guaranteed. How many people's lives changed completely in the space of one second? Can anything be "guaranteed"?

But here Hakadosh Baruch Hu Himself is issuing a guarantee. He is the only One Who can truly always fulfill guarantees. This is a guarantee from the Torah that asks us: Why should you kill yourself for parnassah? Why are you investing so much effort into things that are not guaranteed? Wouldn't it be better, at least once, to try what is truly guaranteed?

Two promises. Both with regard to parnassah, both before you now. Both are crucial for you to know about, so that you don't work hard in vain.

The First Guarantee


The first guarantee does not appear in rare sefarim or Kabbalistic works beyond our understanding. It is written in the most basic halachic work upon which all of Judaism is based: the Shulchan Aruch. Let us begin with the first siman: Orach Chaim siman 1.

The following is an explicit ruling, practical halachah: "It is good to say Parashas Hamonn." On this, the Mishnah Berurah writes, se'if katan 13: "It is written in Maseches Brachos (Yerushalmi): He who recites Parashas Hamonn is guaranteed that his livelihood will not diminish."

Please note: The author of the Mishna Berurah does not say, "He might grow rich," or refer to "an auspicious time." He does not say "It seems that…" He states clearly and unequivocally: "Guaranteed!"

Picture yourself coming to the tzaddik hador whose words carry weight in Shamayim, and, in a rare gesture, he rises from his place, gathers around him everyone standing in the room and hallway, and announces in a loud voice: "I hereby guarantee, in the presence of you all, that this man standing here before me will merit a good livelihood and his livelihood will not diminish throughout his lifetime!"

Without a doubt, you would return home excited beyond description. Your parents and relatives would call to hear exactly what transpired and everyone would take an interest in exactly how your monthly salary would be inflated.

Now, it isn't a tzaddik who is making such a guarantee, but the Creator Himself! He promises, promises in the Oral Torah! He uses clear, unambiguous words, and eight billion people living in this world today can testify: "He who recites Parashas Hamonn is guaranteed that his livelihood will not diminish."

The Auspicious Time

This week, on Tuesday, is the especially auspicious time for Parashas Hamonn.

Because it is precisely this week, Parashas Beshalach, that we read in the Torah the portion about the falling of the monn. And whenever a particular portion of the Torah is read, a certain abundance in that area descends to this world. Now this abundance can descend to your house as well.

The big day will be Tuesday, 6 Shevat, On Tuesday, we will all recite Parashas Hamonn. Why?

The source for this is the saintly Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov, zy"a. The basic connection between the matter of yeridas hamonn and parnassah is discussed in the Shulchan Aruch and the Talmud Yerushalmi, but the month, week, and day – we received from Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov, zy"a. He, who knew how to bring down abundance from the Creator to the entire generation, pointed to one particular month, week and day: Tuesday, Parashas Beshalach. He said:

Here. Right here. This is the best day to fulfill the words of the Shulchan Aruch. If at any time there is a guarantee that those who recite the parashah of the falling of the monn succeed in parnassah matters – this week on Tuesday how much more so.

The saintly Rebbe of Riminov knew lofty secrets about the matter of parnassah. To draw heavenly abundance down to the people of his generation, the Rebbe would make sure to mention the matter of the monn in his talks every day. For twenty-two years, he spoke about the monn on a daily basis, and this was enough to ensure that the entire generation be blessed with abundance! And it was he who determined for generations to come when is the auspicious day to merit a respectable livelihood. These are his words:

"It is a seuglah for parnassah to recite Parashas Hamonn shnayim Mikra ve'echad Targum on Tuesday, Parashas Beshalach."

The great day – Tuesday, Parashas Beshalach – is almost upon us, and whoever wants to merit "He is guaranteed that his livelihood will not diminish," must be ready for this day. It is preferable to do one special form of hishtadlus one time than to do ten thousand other forms of hishtadlus throughout the year.

Every individual will recite Parashas Hamonn in his own home, but once you're doing your hishtadlus through Parashas Hamonn, you might as well do it the best and most complete way possible. You ought to have the saintly Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov personally stand at your side and pleas on your behalf. It is well known that when you pray at the kever of a tzaddik, he helps from Shamayim. That is why we all visit the graves of tzaddikim from time to time.

That's why, on the big day – Tuesday – as you recite Parashas Hamonn in your home, messengers dispatched by Kupat Ha'ir will take off on a flight to a remote yet holy destination - a destination that may not hold much attraction for tourists but is definitely interesting if you're seeking a respectable livelihood.

Messengers of Kuat Ha'ir will set out to the tziyun of Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov, zy"a, a G-dly angel.

Reb Menachem Mendel gave his word that he would be indebted to anyone who lights a candle at his gravesite. The messengers will light a candle in your name and then, at the kever of the tzaddik who gave us this segulah, they will recite Parashas Hamonn in the merit of contributors and pray on their behalf.

The messengers will say each name individually, along with their accompanying request, at the holy gravesite of the ba'al hasegulah. Reb Menachem Mendel will repay your kindness and assist you in prayer from On High. Tzaddikim can accomplish more after their passing from this world than while they are alive.

"That his livelihood will not diminish" – that it should not be sparing. That you not feel tight. Abundance, not overdraft.

Reb Menachem Mendel will work from Shamayim to bring your prayer up until the Creator, and all obstacles will fall away in the face of his glowing neshamah. Your tefillah will soar ever higher until the Creator, our Merciful Father.

At The Holy Gravesite in Riminov


Do you know the proper kavanos and yichudim one ought to have in mind when reciting Parashas Hamonn?

When you read about the receptacle of the monn that lasted for generations, what are you supposed to think about? So many lofty, mystical secrets are attributed to this receptacle.

Kupat Ha'ir turned to the giants of our generation, shlit"a, who agreed to help us with our petty and worrisome troubles, our money and our bank accounts, and come to our aid this week Tuesday.

Whoever contributes until ten o'clock on Tuesday will merit having the Gedolei Hador, shlit"a, pray on his behalf for parnassah on the auspicious day of Tuesday, Parashas Beshalach 5774. All names submitted by that time will be relayed during the auspicious hour to the tzaddikei hador, shlit"a, and these names will be on their table when they recite Parashas Hamonn. After reciting Parashas Hamonn, the Gedolim, shlit"a, will recite a unique prayer on behalf of the names of all contributors.

"… that their livelihood not diminish" –The Gedolei Yisrael will see to it that this promise comes true. On Tuesday this week, their cry will be directed to the contributors of Kupat Ha'ir.

The Gedolei Hador do not make idle promises. They don't do mitzvos by rote. Their every word makes the heavens tremble. They are willing to have you in mind when they recite Parashas Hamonn.

It isn't us who chose the word "guaranteed." This is the language of the Gemara in Yerushalmi.

At the Gedolei Hador

Between Tzfas and Meron lies the tziyun known to be auspicious for parnassah: The kever of the G-dly Tanna Rabi Yehudah bar Ilai. Messengers of Kupat Ha'ir will be there on the auspicious day. They will recite Parashas Hamonn, shnayim Mikra ve'echad Targum, at the holy tziyun and then pray on behalf of contributors and plead that Rabi Yehudah be a good messenger to beseech Hashem on their behalf just as he has already done so many times in the past, with wondrous results. And not only there. At the tziyun of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, too, they will pray on your behalf, and at the tziyun of Rabi Meir Ba'al Hanes, and at the Kosel. They will pray that you merit abundance, that you not need to think about every penny, that your livelihood never dwindle.

Tuesday. You will be in your home, fulfilling what is written in the Shulchan Aruch: you will recite Parashas Hamonn with great concentration and give tzedakah. Your tzedakah will make waves in Shamayim, as tzedakah combined with tefillah always does.

On that Tuesday, Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov will shake the Kisei Hakavod. Your name will be mentioned at his gravesite along with your personal request, and he will stand at your side, because you will have sent messengers to light a candle there. His prayer will be joined by that of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, who is to be relied upon, and by that of Rabi Meir Ba'al Hanes, all of whom will beseech Hashem with regard to your livelihood, that it come easily, that blessing rest on the money, that the money be spent on good and pleasant things and not, G-d forbid, on nerve-wracking or distressful needs. Your prayer will burst forth from the gateway to heaven, too, as all the giants of the generation plead on your behalf – each from his own home. Each of them will recite Parashas Hamonn on your behalf and pray for your parnassah.

From every place, in various singsongs and with different phraseology, the prayer will burst forth with incredible intensity: Please, Hashem, give us from Your wide-open Hand.

Will you merit all this on Tuesday? A small contribution to the poor of Kupat Ha'ir is all that stands between "yes" and no."

At The Auspicious Sites

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