Kupat Ha'ir – The Tzedakah of the Gedolei Hador Kupat Ha'ir is the largest volunteer based charity fund supported by Jews worldwide. Kupat Ha'ir is the lifeline for thousands of needy. With offices in Israel, the U.S., Canada and throughout Europe.
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Why Contribute to Kupat Ha'ir?

Because of its integrity
Ten years, month after month during which millions of shekels keep flowing to their specified destinations with astonishing precision, thick volumes containing stories of salvation and stacks of sheets filled with data about families in distress receiving assistance to help put them back on their feet.

Today, Kupat Ha'ir no longer needs to convince the public of its worthiness. Tens of thousands of witnesses located in Jewish communities across the globe testify to its greatness. Every situation of pain or distress finds its way to Kupat Ha'ir, whether the people involved are seeking support, they want to boost the efficacy of their prayers with the power of charity, or they want to submit the names of those suffering to the Gedolei Hador so that they might pray for them.

Top-notch attorneys and accountants as well as intensive government-run inspections ensure that every single penny at Kupat Ha'ir is accounted for. In addition, Kupat Ha'ir has the absolute support and endorsement of the Gedolei Hador. In accordance with the laws of both halachah and the State, Kupat Ha'ir sticks to its founding principles: not a single managerial body receives a salary; everyone works for the sake of Heaven alone. Kupat Ha'ir provides assistance to any person, anywhere, regardless of his background. Details about needy families requesting assistance is verified with utmost discretion and instructions from rabbanim are obeyed with absolute subservience. Kupat Ha'ir is run with utmost transparency; there are no salaries and the amount of money used to run the office is negligible.

The Gedolei Hador have all expressed praise for Kupat Ha'ir's integrity. Their words glow like the sun: every action of Kupat Ha'ir is one hundred percent subservient to justice, integrity, halachah and ethics!
Because of Its Effectiveness
When you take a shekel out of your pocket, you want to get complete value for it. If you give a shekel and get only 20 agorot for it – that's unpleasant. When you give a shekel and get back two – that's a great deal.

At Kupat Ha'ir, every shekel doubles itself and its power. Assistance is provided to needy families only after lengthy discussions in which every detail of their life story is analyzed. Assistance might include: coupons that can be used to purchase food or clothing, payment of debts, direct payments to tutors or dentists, cash for monthly support or a one-time lump-sum payment –whichever will be most effective. Professional guidance from Kupat Ha'ir ensures that the sums given to families will serve the purpose for which they were allotted.

Kupat Ha'ir runs a special program devoted to removing families from the list of recipients. Panels of professionals, each among the best in his field, work together to come up with the best way to extricate families from poverty and help them back on track. This is absolutely crucial because aside from the drain on Kupat Ha'ir's budget, a family subsisting on tzedakah feels depressed and is liable to develop emotional and mental problems. A rescued family begins to live anew with its head held high. In many cases, not only is this family no longer dependent on the public, it becomes an ardent supporter of Kupat Ha'ir.

When you contribute to Kupat Ha'ir, you know your money will double and even triple in value. It's the best deal you could hope for…
Because of the Yeshuos
Kupat Ha'ir's yeshuos (salvation) stories have gained a worldwide reputation for one simple reason: you don't have to believe other people's stories – everyone can try for himself! The connection between the contribution and the yeshuah is so swift and immediate, so clear - that it's simply impossible to err and think otherwise. People contribute to Kupat Ha'ir because they know it's the most mehudar form of tzedakah that exists and the Gedolei Hador support it with all their might. They contribute, raise their eyes heavenward in supplication, express their belief that Hashem is the Source of everything that occurs in this world – and they merit salvation. Contributions work because of the awesome power of the mitzvah of tzedakah, because of the augmented faith of contributors and because of the sanctification of Hashem's name the mater arouses all over the world. Contribute and merit a salvation – over and over and over again.

Kupat Ha'ir never "guarantees" yeshuos. We're not responsible for them; we don't "do" them. But contributors to Kupat Ha'ir know and sense that their contribution is desirable before Hashem and their appeals to Him are answered on the strength of Kupat Ha'ir, so they do it over and over again.

People have merited the apartment of their dreams, the perfect job, the sought-after shidduch. Natural barriers were eliminated in various ways; long, drawn-out procedures were shortened in a surprising manner. Lost items were reunited with their owners in the most fascinating ways imaginable. Students landed the best part in the play and boys who contributed won raffles for a coveted trip. People were rescued from sudden danger, from accidents, from death. They recovered from diseases with unnatural speed and lived through insurmountable difficulties. All these people tell their stories to anyone who will listen, and each time, the story lives again, as fresh and exciting as the first time. If you contribute, too, chances are good you will experience a yeshuah and join them. Be forewarned!
Because of the Gedolei Hador
Kupat Ha'ir enjoys the best backing in the world: the Gedolei Hador, in a series of extraordinary ways, have gone to the trouble of announcing over and over again that Kupat Ha'ir is their tzedakah fund, they see it as their personal life's work, that they're involve in the nitty-gritty details of its activism and that they endorse it at every step. There are letters and recorded announcements aplenty to this effect. Numerous people who have asked the Gedolim to which worthy tzedakah organization they should contribute have received an unequivocal reply: Kupat Ha'ir. The Gedolei Hador serve as official members of the organization and are signatories on their checks. Everything at Kupat Ha'ir depends on their say.

These Gedolei Hador, according to whose word we live and by whose light we tread, constantly plead with the public to contribute to Kupat Ha'ir. They personally go out of their way and work with incomparable devotion to expand Kupat Ha'ir's scope of activity as much as possible so that more and more families might be helped. And if they go to such lengths – who can ignore their cry?

The Gedolei Hador have hosted Kupat Ha'ir meetings in their homes and attended meetings despite their busy schedules. They accept names of contributors to pray for during intensely personal and holy moments. There is nothing they wouldn't do for Kupat Ha'ir. In fact, numerous "firsts" have occurred in connection with Kupat Ha'ir. Who would have dreamed that Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit"a, would allow a pushka to be affixed to the front of his home? Who would have thought that Rav Wosner, shlit"a, who opposes all attempts to photograph him, would encourage Kupat Ha'ir to publicize his pictures? Who would have entertained the idea that Rav Steinman, shlit"a, would inform Kupat Ha'ir of the existence of ancient segulos? And on and on. The Gedolei Hador see Kupat Ha'ir as the most mehudar form of charity that exists and they ask and instruct the public to contribute. Anyone who cleaves to Hashem and His Torah – obeys!
Because of the Tefillos
Contributors to Kupat Ha'ir merit being prayed for by the Gedolei Hador, who mention their names and personal requests. Every day, the names of that day's contributors are submitted to Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit"a, who davens for them before joining his early-morning (netz hachamah) Shacharis minyan and then again before minchah.

In addition, on every Yom Tov and every eis ratzon, the names of contributors to Kupat Ha'ir are mentioned. Periodically throughout the year, contributors merit being prayed for by the other Gedolei Hador at special times. A visit to Kupat Ha'ir? The Gedolei Hador who arrive use the opportunity and pray for the contributors of that day. A trip to the Kosel? Contributors to Kupat Ha'ir benefit with no advance warning. Kivrei tzaddkim? Along with their siddur and the Tehillim, the Gedolei Hador take that day's list of names.

Aside from all this, those who contribute to special tefillah programs merit a whole system of tefillos unparalleled anywhere else:

Forty consecutive days at Amukah, at Kever Rochel or at the Kosel; 516 (the numerical equivalent of Va'eschanan + one) tefillos at the Kosel (choose between a minyan of messengers davening simultaneously or tefillah around the clock –Tehillim and names recited without letup throughout the day for a total of 12 sifrei Tehillim in each 24-hour period, along with 12 mentions of each contributor's name and request); a tefillah every single day of the year at Meron - and more and more special prayer sessions. There are many varied options, each of them unique in its own way, each with its own advantages and miracles and ancient sources that cite it as auspicious for opening the gates of mercy. All the tefillos are under the supervision of the Gedolei Hador and are conducted according to a special seder tefillah outlined specially by noted ba'alei tefillah. Utmost attention is given to earnestness, caring and true "shleimus."
Because You Gain
Kupat Ha'ir is approved under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance. This means that contributors to Kupat Ha'ir are entitled to a 35% tax credit. This is a classic example of enjoying the fruits of a mitzvah in this world while the principle remains for the World to Come. The procedure is simple and easy. The appropriate receipts are mailed out to contributors on a steady basis. At the end of the secular year, we are busy over our heads writing out receipts.

Many people utilize this option to contribute generously. Others enjoy the tax returns. Either way, the money honestly belongs to its owners.

In order to be eligible for this benefit, Kupat Ha'ir is frequently visited by government authorities – sometimes by surprise. The government officials are filled with admiration for the absolute integrity with which Kupat Ha'ir is managed. The books are always imperfect order and the transparency is nothing short of amazing (only the names of the needy are hidden). This causes a Kiddush Hashem every time anew.

Isn't it a shame to fritter away money on income tax? Why not receive sizeable sums in return? Contribute to Kupat Ha'ir, carry out the necessary procedure and gain in all senses of the word.
Kupat Ha'ir: for all the reasons in the world.
The merit to contribute to the right place!
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