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Video Naftali Yehoshua from קופת העיר on Vimeo.

There was a restrained sobbing at the end of the line as my wife's brother, Aaron in a choked voice asked me to come urgently to the oncology department of Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Centre, Jerusalem. On arrival Aaron greeted me with a tearstained embrace - the anguish of a parent witnessing their oldest son gasping for breath and vomiting blood, will leave lifelong emotional scars. Eight days prior to this life changing phone call Naftali Yehoshua, my oldest nephew, had been plagued by a persistent cough. Initially diagnosed as a minor ailment we were off-guard when the head of oncology informed us that Naftali Yehoshua has Burkitt lymphoma cancer, a highly malignant strain of cancer which can ravage its victim within weeks.


In a desperate bid to save Naftali Yehoshua’s life the ensuing chemotherapy destroyed most of the active cells in his body. At the time of launching this appeal Naftali Yehoshua is surviving on blood transfusions as his bone marrow, which produces vital white blood corpuscles needed to defend his weak body from infection, have failed.


You can help. Please express your solidarity by clicking on the donate link and forwarding this appeal to your family, associates and friends.


Naftali Yehoshua’s parents have always lived a Spartan and frugal life but they are now no longer able to work full time, as they attend his bedside for medical and emotional support. There are mounting medical, and secondary expenses needed to prevent their family from total collapse.


Notwithstanding, as a family we have united and contributed the maximum financial and physical support possible, nevertheless we are still short of 190,000 shekels ($55,000). Your donation will make a difference. No matter what the amount, the combined efforts of your support and other likeminded individuals can save Naftali Yehoshua’s life and prevent his immediate family and siblings from the abyss of losing a family member, chas v’shalom.


For those of you who have experienced a loved one dying of cancer, our prayers are with you. For those who have not, you should never know such horror.


For further information regarding Naftali Yehoshua’s progress and details about this appeal please call Michoel (Naftali Yehoshua’s uncle); +972-52-717-1722.


Thank you in advance for your generous support. Please pass this appeal on to your family, friends and associates and encourage them to consider our cause.


“How can I bear to see the calamity ........ the destruction of my kindred?" (Ester 8, 6)

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