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"So don't go" her good friend urged "don't go .. it's only a Bar Mitzvah of the son of a family from a neighboring building, why do you need to make such a great effort?" She felt dreadful to have to say that. Rachel is so sick and everything is such an effort for her. But despite that, she got herself ready and went to the simcha in order to make the neighbor happy. And then she fell back into bed exhausted, not even able to lift her head off the cushion!

"I can't possibly stay at home" Rachel said simply "that neighbor is such a refined and quiet lady that I imagine that not many people will come. Also her family lives far away and I am truly afraid that the hall will be empty .. I just have to go." She made a superhuman effort to attend, to smile and to give pleasure, just as she always did. No one could imagine, not even in one's wildest dreams, that Rachel was so sick and there was little hope for her to recuperate.

From her appearance no one could have guessed how sick she was, that the illness has been ravaging her body for so long and that she has been undergoing severe treatment. No one knew because she didn't want to be given any leniencies. She continued her daily routine as though nothing was happening even though the doctors were far from optimistic.

Although she was aware of her situation she continued to hope and to pray and to believe.  She was desperate for her children to lead normal lives, encompassed by motherly love.

And for that she was prepared to make every possible effort, to use every bit of her energy, literally every last drop .. until the very end.


Mrs. Saada passed away at the age of forty and left behind seven orphans aged between  fifteen and three and a half.

She fought for her life for two long years but Hashem decreed otherwise and this great tzaddekes returned her pure soul to its Maker and left her family distraught and grieved.

Mrs. Saada was born in France to a respectable family of Talmidei Chachomim.  She grew up in a home full of Torah values and there she received her love of Torah and her devotion to Torah and its scholars.  After her marriage to Rav … they chose to set up their home in Eretz Yisroel, a home devoted to Torah study and Torah values.

Life in Eretz Yisroel life was very hard for her but no one ever heard about her difficulties. She never managed to adapt to the constant tension, fast pace, financial hardships or Israeli nature.  She was a different type ... very refined and sensitive, however, she was convinced that in Eretz Yisroel her husband will grow tremendously in Torah and that her children will receive the spiritual food that they need in order to become Talmidei Chachomim and to achieve that aim every difficulty was worthwhile.

Her heart's desire was fulfilled and she merited witnessing her husband grow in Torah and become a true Torah scholar. He is modest and humble too and recognized by few but those who did know him appreciated his true spiritual status.  He merited learning in partnership with Rav Elimelech Biderman Shlita the well-known Mashpia, who genuinely appreciates him .. for Avreichim like Rav Saada are few and far between.

And she too  knew how to value that …

They endured tremendous financial difficulties but she accepted the hardships with love and with a smile.  She did her utmost to cope with never a complaint passing her lips – because she knew that it was a price well worthwhile paying.

The financial difficulties increased when the children were born but she nurtured them with love and happiness and they never felt they were lacking.  They weren't aware of what they were missing and instead she taught them to appreciate what they did have – a father who was totally immersed in his Torah studies, Chederim and Yeshivos to grow in Torah and sisters who were being groomed to marry Torah scholars.  What else can one need?

She never felt the need for a holiday or for luxuries.  She concentrated on the truly important things with a perpetual feeling of contentment and joy.

Her children were her whole life.  She put tremendous effort into each and every one of them and in to all of them together. She used to talk to them a lot, paying attention to what they had to say, giving them her guidance and showing them the right way. By her very being she was a tremendous personal example to them of modesty, simplicity and refinement.  Her children are following in her ways and that was her greatest nachas.

She did her best to provide her children's needs at all times with sensitivity and love and she merited seeing the results of her efforts …

Even during the years that she was so sick she did her utmost that the children should grow up in a normal home.  She tried her best that the children shouldn't feel that anything was wrong and that their lives should continue as usual.

Her inability to attend the Aelf Beis party in the kindergarden of her young son gave her indescribable pain – how will he feel if all the mothers attend except for his own mother – so she sent a request asking that the party be delayed a little in the hope that she would soon feel a little stronger and would be able to attend.  She so much wanted to be there, the effort that she would be making to attend would teach her child to appreciate the importance of Torah.

She was so weak that she couldn't turn over in bed and yet she was desperate to attend her son's party, to kiss him on his cheek and to show him her love for him and for the Torah.

But she didn't merit that ..

When her illness took a turn for the worse some kind people came into the picture and tried to help. They were shocked to discover that she didn't even have a bed, to lie on, she was lying on a mattress on the floor!

For herself she needed nothing, her only worry was for her children. In all her pain and suffering all she was concerned about was her children, her home and her husband whose learning she didn't want to suffer.

She didn't think that she was leaving them.  At least she didn't give the impression of one who thought that her job in this world was finishing.  She was constantly asking after her children, where they were, how they were coping and were they happy.  She was only at peace when she knew that they were being cared for and were contended.

And who knows if now, in the world above, she does have peace of mind .. for until her children will be settled and have what they need she will not be relaxed.

Her children have suffered a tremendous amount.  However hard she tried to hide the situation from them, the children felt the fear, the pain and the difficulties.  Her children are still so young and each of them needs supervision, attention and to be rebuilt afresh.  A young girl of fifteen simply isn't capable of being a mother to her six siblings  .. she is still a child herself.

Who will  help them now?

There have always been financial difficulties and there was never a spare coin for anything other than food.  How can they possibly afford to pay for home help now, for someone to cook, clean, wash and somewhat take the place of their mother.

How can they afford to pay for a tutor, a carer or someone to help the children process their emotional turmoil?

How can they pay for things that will give the little ones some pleasure, to give them things that they have never had, to enable them to grow up physically and emotionally healthy, to be happy and to have the ability to cope with their pain.

If there was no money to buy a bed for such a sick woman how will the money be found for all this?

But we are here ..

We are here in order to look after these children, these precious and refined children, so that they should not sink into the depths of despair.

We are here to support them, to hear their silent cry and to respond!  Each and every one of us and all of us together must help them put .their lives together again

Only with the power of unity will we be able to achieve this

...And now



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