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Funds for Yesomim קטגוריה

To collect roses

18% Complete
 donated $5,322 $30,000

HaRav Shimon Shpiatzki ztz"l who passed away after a long and painful illness, leaving behind his widow and son with dreadful debts.

Fund for Family Saada

54% Complete
 donated $16,044 $30,000

Rachel Leah Saada was sick for two years. During the last few months of her life she was extremely unwell but she still had hope and faith that she would heal, her only worry was for the welfare of her children

The Gringras family

38% Complete
 donated $11,307 $30,000

This is where we come in. We are starting a campaign for the orphans, to assist them with the necessities of life as they grow.