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Naftali Yehoshua

15% Complete
 donated $7,727 $55,000

Unesaneh Tokef gives voice to the reality of our every wakened moment, “Who will live and who will die.” My nephew Naftali Yehoshua is struggling for life against Burkitt lymphoma cancer. Your financial assistance can save his family from the abyss of calamity. Please share this important mitzvah with your family and friends.

The Gringras family

38% Complete
 donated $11,307 $30,000

This is where we come in. We are starting a campaign for the orphans, to assist them with the necessities of life as they grow.

The orphans of Cheshvan

110% Complete
 donated $142,924 $130,000

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5778 "Whoever contributes three hundred shekels ($85)to help the thirty poor orphans getting married in the month of Cheshvan - will merit, with Hashem's help, to make a simchah in his own home very soon. Chaim Kanievsky

I Lost My Parents; Help me Get Married and Build a Family

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 donated $1,250 $30,000

I’m Racheli. I’m 20 years old, and I’ve already lost both of my parents. My dad passed away suddenly two years ago. Then last year, we last my mom, after watching her suffer and struggle with cancer

Emergency Fund to Save Rabbi Segal's Life

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Emergency Fund to Save Rabbi Segal's Life

קרן משפחת דסי הופמן

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 donated $980 $50,000

שמירה בימי בין הזמנים

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 donated $1,653 $150,000

Save 107 Yemenite Children from Spiritual Destruction

68% Complete
 donated $10,062 $15,000

Each donation will help another family leave the secular absorption center in which they were placed and join a religious community in a home of their own.