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Generous Food

Annual Budget: 31 Million shekel


Widows receive
Support and professional guidance

Annual Budget: 23 Million shekel

More than-


Children get
Dental aid

Monthly Budget:: 700 Thousand shekel


Families supported
every month

Monthly Budget:: 7 Million shekel

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  • President of K. Ha'ir Rav A.Y. L. Steinman zt"l
  • Gedolei Hador at Hadlakos Neiros Chanuka
  • 40 Days at Kever Rochel with the Gedolei Hador
  • Gathering of Gedolei Hador - Rosh Hashanah 5778
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You Can Help Them

These tragic cases were selected from among the thousands of needy families turning to Kupat Ha'ir for support. Widows and orphans, complicated surgeries, and heartbreaking tragedies. You can choose which specific cause you are most drawn to, and direct your donation to that particular family.

Gimmel Beshalach

הרה"ק ר' מנחם מנדל מרימנוב כתב: כל האומר פרשת המן שניים מקרא ואחד תרגום ביום שלישי ג' פרשת בשלח מובטח לו שלא יתמעטו מזונותיו


Video Gallery
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  • Maran Hatzaddik Rabbi Shimon Galai

Stories of deliverance