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A Wellspring of Yeshuos

The Kupat Ha'ir wellspring of yeshuot has long since been transformed into a virtual river, effervescent and bubbling, sparkling with life and light. The stories flow into Kupat Ha'ir every day, every week, week after week…Enjoy!


Wellspring or river?


The Kupat Ha'ir wellspring of yeshuot has long since been transformed into a virtual river, effervescent and bubbling, sparkling with life and light. The stories flow into Kupat Ha'ir every day, every week, week after week. In the course of the years, a new generation has arisen for whom Kupat Ha'ir is a "first response." Before the problem has even surfaced, already the hand has reached for the cell phone (now we understand why every child must have a cell phone!) and another transaction from the personal bank account reaches the database of merits of Am Yisrael, accumulating, on its way, the accompanying tefilla and the eyes raised heavenward… and the problem starts sinking into oblivion...


The "almost" stories of this generation could comprise an entire book. The "almost" surgery; the "almost" accident; the "almost" fire that could have destroyed the house; the "almost" failing even the fourth test; the "almost" critical mistake that could have exacted a high and painful price…Almost. Only almost.


For example, read this compelling account from one of our donors: "I got up in the morning. My eyes fell on the wall, on which we had recently hung a Birkas HaBayis from Kupat Ha'ir, which we received upon becoming monthly donors. My eyes were drawn to the words 'and not a hair on his head will fall to the ground.' I continued to think about them when I left for davening, and afterwards to kollel…it was only after seder that I saw there were fourteen unanswered calls on my cell phone. In a panic, I called back. 'It's okay, he's conscious…' I practically flew to Ma'ayanei HaYeshua Hospital, where I found my son shaking from fear, but alive, healthy and whole, with barely a scratch. The people around us spoke about the great miracle…"


Another person tells about a small child who was under the wheels of a car…When he heard this, while he was still hurrying to the site of the accident, he called Kupat Ha'ir and donated a thousand shekel. When they arrived at the hospital, it seemed that the damage was serious. The child was immediately whisked off for testing and the doctors were discussing the long period of rehabilitation that awaited him. The family members started preparing themselves for a different kind of life: using up the parents' sick leaves to attend him; organizing supervision of the young children still at home; arranging financial matters to cover the costs…but four days later, a healthy child was skipping his way to gan


Only almost…


Another person came to the Kupat Ha'ir office to contribute. As she was filling out the date on the check, she smiled. "I know this date so well! I waited months for it! Today I was supposed to have undergone a long, complicated operation." But instead of an operation, she came to donate to Kupat Ha'ir. Almost an operation…only almost. But a world of difference!

One woman who came to donate was visibly emotional. She related how each day she would give her three-year-old daughter a ten agurot coin to put in the Kupat Ha'ir tzedaka box, which holds pride of place on the shelf in gan. She did this every day to train her daughter to give tzedaka. Now- just yesterday- a heavy glass chandelier fell from the ceiling and shattered mere millimeters from the child, who was saved by a miracle…Although the entire room was filled with sharp-edged glass fragments, the little girl escaped without a scratch!


Another donation was given on account of the main electrical fuse, which kept "jumping" on erev Shabbos. They "almost" had a Shabbos of distress and anxiety; many guests were scheduled to come, and they had labored over many Shabbos dishes; without electricity everything would have been cold and dark; and there wasn't time to fix it. However, the donation "fixed" what was necessary even without time, and the Shabbos was saved.



Yet another story:

The washing machine was making problems. Whenever she needed to call a technician, she would first donate to Kupat Ha'ir. "This machine, which almost broke down a long time ago, is still going…bli ayin hara. Without repairs. The money which I would have had to pay for the repairs went to Kupat Ha'ir. And the donations gave the machine the power the keep working 'like new.'"


And another:

She called at 5:57 in the morning, crying hysterically. Her daughter arrived from chutz la'aretz and took a service taxi to Jerusalem. She called from the taxi, in a panic, saying that the vehicle was full of Arab men, with not even one Jew. The mother was hysterical; the daughter was hysterical; tragedy was looming…The mother gave a significant sum to Kupat Ha'ir and begged us to ask Rav Chaim shlit"a to daven right away…Already at 6:07 she called again, much calmer, to relate that her daughter had managed to convince the driver that she needed to get off at a different place than she had originally told him, and he stopped for her. She was saved. Another "almost" tragedy.


Then there's the baby who didn't sleep at night. The adorable little newborn slept throughout the day; no one could manage to entertain her; but at night…the whole house was up in arms, and the mother was bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived. "We almost sent her to foster care," the mother said with a smile that passed right through the receiver, "until we started to donate each evening, and from then everything turned around. At night she sleeps peacefully and during the day she enchants all her visitors…"


A couple that had turned to just about all the askanim and organizations specifically designated for couples with fertility issues almost began the difficult course of treatments. They had already waited several years and their anguish was immense. The pain only increased with the passage of time. Then they accepted upon themselves to contribute to every appeal from Kupat Ha'ir, without exception; and within a few months, they were blessed with besoros tovos, without the need for any further efforts.



Here is yet another "almost" from a woman who called in to relate, very excitedly, the following: She owns a pair of glasses with a very high number. Without them, she is practically blind r"l; and she couldn't find them. All the family members turned the house upside-down in search of the missing glasses, but to no avail. Tears of distress started to spring to her eyes…until she donated to Kupat Ha'ir, and almost instantly found the glasses, which had somehow ended up in an inexplicable location