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The Moment of Truth

We all have those days, days when we seem to need so much more siyatta dishmaya. Days when, if we knew how, we'd turn the work upside down to get it. Days when, if we could, we'd leave everything and run to pray at the holy sites in Eretz Yisroel.

The Moment of Truth


We all have those days, days when we seem to need so much more siyatta dishmaya.  Days when, if we knew how, we'd turn the world upside down to get it. Days when, if we could, we'd leave everything and run to pray at the holy sites in Eretz Yisroel.

No longer just wishful thinking. Now it can be done for you, any time you call.  Just dial Kupat Ha'ir's 24-hour number, donate $72, and give over the name to pray for together with your personal request. Within 24 hours Kupat Ha'ir's representatives will set out with your kvittel, and pray on your behalf at seven of the holiest sites in Eretz Yisroel


The Moment of Truth


We'll be your personal emissaries! Kupat Ha'ir is available for you any time you want, any day you need! Just dial Kupat Ha'ir's 24-hour number, donate, and give over the name to pray for together with your personal request. On that very same day Kupat Ha'ir's representatives will set out with your kvittel, and pray on your behalf at seven of the holiest sites in Eretz Yisroel. At each and every site they will daven on your behalf, specifically mentioning your name and personal prayer request. In addition, they will go to Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a for you, and you'll merit to receive a bracha from the tzaddik.


The Shidduch


Mendy was on the verge of getting engaged, and his father held his breath. Mendy is thirty-one; they've endured ten challenging, difficult years in shidduchim. Everyone moved forward, and only Mendy was left behind. Mendy's father was anything but calm: this should be the right one; there shouldn't be any last-minute hitches; what if some major hidden flaw should surface before it's finalized? The shadchan called again and again, orchestrating a complicated dialogue about finances. At this age one doesn't cancel a shidduch over money issues.

"I'm going to get a bracha from Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a," decided Mendy's father. "Afterwards, I'll go to the Kosel; that's the only way I'll be able to feel more settled." If he only could, he'd travel to Amuka as well, but Amuka was too far away.        His cell phone rang continuously with crucial calls in the waiting room of Maran Rabbeinu Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a. Yes, we must. No, we mustn't. Wedding. Apartment. Furniture. Who gives what. Who pays the mortgage. The second side says that…the kallah… the chassan… the shadchan called. His wife called. The line was long and went slowly, and Mendy's father was on pins and needles. He began to think that perhaps his idea to come here today wasn't so practical. His appointment with the mechutan was delayed. An hour passed, and then another one. The shadchan, pressured, called again- when dealing with such a sensitive shidduch, every delay is risky…Should he get up now and leave? But no! He simply had to have a bracha from Maran HaRav Chaim  Kanievsky shlit"a. One doesn't take such a fateful step without a bracha from a Gadol. The ground seemed to be burning under his feet, but the need for a bracha was burning as well. Finally the mechutan himself called. Mendy's father tried to apologize: "I needed to bring in the names of our children to Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky today. I'm waiting here for two hours already…"

"Really?!" The mechutan was astounded. "But our children's names were already given to him today!"

Mendy's father was momentarily speechless.

"But how can that be? Who brought them in?"

"It's very simple! In the morning we called Kupat Ha'ir, gave tzedaka in the zechus of the shidduch, and Kupat Ha'ir themselves sent a special shaliach to the house of Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a, and he gave in the names of the children for a bracha and for tefilla."

"Perfect. If that's the case, I'm leaving this line and traveling to the Kosel. I feel it's not possible to finalize the shidduch without it."

"They've already davened at the Kosel as well," replied the mechutan calmly. "Kupat Ha'ir sent their representative to the Kosel for us."

"Today? To the Kosel?"

"Today! And if you want, today they'll daven for you also at Amuka, and at Meron, and at the Me'aras HaMachpela in Chevron, and also by Mamme Rochel in Beis Lechem, and by the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, and also by the Shelah…"


In the evening, a plate was broken and cries of "Mazel Tov" burst forth from all those present. The broken plate was enwrapped with the tefillos which arose from the all the different holy sites that day, tefillos which will accompany them in the years to come, for with each step forward we rely on siyatta dishmaya and tefillah to come to our aid. The plate was broken; emotional tears were shed; and the bracha of Maran haRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a could be felt by all.


At Heaven's Gates


A single prayer said from one's house cannot be compared to prayers that arise on the same day from seven "Gates to Heaven." The holy Shechinah itself gathers the tefillos from these places. From the site which was promised, "There is a reward for your efforts"; from the burial places of our holy forefathers in Chevron, it is written that yeshuos make their way to us via these sites. From the kever of Rabi Shimon, where we are told it's appropriate to daven in urgent situations; from the kever of the Ohr Hachaim Hakadosh, where the miraculous is commonplace; and from the rest of these holy sites, do we supplicate the Master of the World.


Any day you want, any day you feel the need for an extra measure of Divine assistance, just pick up the phone. Our representatives will set out to the Kosel, to Chevron, to Meron, to Teveria, to Kever Rachel, to Amuka, and to Har Hazaisim.


Gedolei Yisrael have told us that a person's shaliach counts as himself. K"K Maran the Admo"r of Belz zy"a  used to live in Tel Aviv. He appointed a special person in Yerushalayim who was his personal shaliach to go to the Kosel and pray. Clearly the tzaddik also prayed from his house; nevertheless, he desired that the request should also be said at the Kosel. Also the great Gaon and tsaddik Rabbeinu the Mahari"l Diskin relied on shlichim, as did other great tsaddikim. If people such as they relied on shlichim, shouldn't we also?


On The Critical Day


How many times in our life we have experienced a fateful moment- the telephone call that catapults us from the routine: your son has broken his jawbone and is being rushed to the operating room; suddenly you're informed that today you merited to become a father; when a household member undergoes a complicated medical procedure, and all you keep praying is "Let it be a success, Hashem! Just make it be successful!"; when, from out of the blue, a job offer suddenly falls in your lap. You are told to pack up, together with your entire family, travel to no-man's-land, and be a Rosh  Kollel there. Suddenly, it becomes clear to you that all the money you've been saving to pay for the apartment has disappeared from under the mattress; or you become aware that your bachur needs urgent support in ruchnius. Your child sets out on a day trip and you want him to have an extra measure of Divine protection. Your wife is tense before a job interview…

Something significant is about to occur- and we need special siyatta dishmaya.


When the stakes are high- get yourself help!


So many times we encounter such situations- and we are at a loss. We need tefillah now! We  want to go to Meron this instant! We want to bury our faces in the paroches of Mamme Rochel- but in most cases this isn't feasible. The world around you continues "business as usual"; but for you, this day- specifically today- is a fateful one. Today- prayer could literally change your life. Ana Hashem, hoshia na – true, today is not a holiday, but for me it's a fateful day, upon which much hinges…Yeshuasecha kivisi Hashem…

And the tefilla will arise on that same day, mentioning your name and individual request; deliberately, unhurriedly, from all the holy sites, on your personal day, the one that you have selected for tefilla on your behalf.


Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a  has a special fondness for his Kupa. He knows exactly when the Kupat Ha'ir shaliach arrives, and the door is always open for Kupat Ha'ir.  Therefore, any day you choose, in addition to sending messengers to daven at the seven holy sites previously mentioned, they will also visit Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a  and request a bracha on your behalf.


Everyone has such days in which he needs special Divine assistance; the type of day where, if he could, he'd turn his world upside down, and cry out from the kivrei Avos…From today it's possible! It's only one telephone number away! Just one phone call- any hour you want, any day you need- call Kupat Ha'ir, donate $72, give in your name and personal request, and our messengers will promptly set out on your behalf that very day, and travel to the seven holiest and most auspicious sites in Eretz Yisrael : the Kosel HaMaaraviKever Rochel; Me'arat HaMachpela in Chevron; Rashb"i in Meron; Amuka; the tziyun of the Shela"h in Teveria and the Ohr haChaim on Har haZaisim. In addition, we will go in to Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a on your behalf, that you may merit the bracha of the tzaddik.

This project, of sending messengers for tefilla, is entirely holy, entirely l'shem shamayim – a pure union of the tzedaka that you give, and the prayers that are said for you. Such tefilla is especially acceptable on High.

Maybe today is your day- don't hesitate! You can assist not only yourself, but on the way, you can also assist the poor. Twenty thousand needy people, who are dependent on Kupat Ha'ir, stretch out their hands to you…