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9 MINUTES which don't come again…!

The sefer Bris Menucha writes that within the ninth month, the ninth day and the ninth hour are very auspicious for success..

We've heard this before. Auspicious time…segulah…everybody says Tehillim
But few people know that on the ninth of Kislev תשע"ט one can hit the jackpot: Torah, parnassa, children, nachas, health, shidduchim, and more. The ninth of Kislev- the ninth day of the ninth month in the ninth hour- the gates of Heaven open up, and as is written in the early sources, these 9 minutes are a very auspicious time for all brachos and yeshuos.
This Shabbos, the ninth of the ninth, Kupat Ha'ir has initiated three projects for people who want to make the most of this opportunity. If the Gurei haAr"iand Rabi Chaim Vital bear witness, along with the tzaddikim in the upper worlds and Eliyahu HaNavi, then this is an auspicious time to take advantage of, to the best of our abilities.
FORTY-EIGHT Gedolei v'Tzadikkei Hador will pray for you during these nine fateful minutes.
They will open their doors to the Kupat Ha'ir messengers, and usher the messengers in- messengers who bring with them your names, the names of our contributors.
Here is your opportunity to have these great personages, each one from his house, pray for you during these special minutes. In addition, our messengers will travel to eighteen holy sites in Eretz Yisrael and six in chutz la'aretz- twenty-four places which could help bring yeshuos!
On this great day Kupat Ha'ir will make our efforts. You will feed thousands of our needy brethren. On this day, your tefillos,together with ours, can be accepted –your situation can change and be made easier. By the tenth of Kislev, things could be entirely different…