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40 days at Amukah on behalf of contributors to Kupat Ha'ir By the Gedolei Hador Themselves!

Kupat Ha'ir's messengers will pray and mention each name individually for 40 consecutive days at Amukah

40 Consecutive Days
"He Will Certainly Be Answered"
The perfect shidduch is out there somewhere – possibly across the ocean or maybe down the block. However, When you want  your sea to split the sea and cross over to the first segulah you ought to try is forty days of prayer at Amukah. The Zohar Hakadosh tells us: "One who prays for something for forty days is certainly answered." 
Praying at Amukah for forty consecutive days is no simple feat.It requires grit and determination and would challenge even local residents of northern Isreal. But that does not deter Kupat Ha'ir.
with Hashem's help, Kupat Ha'ir will send a special messenger to plead on your behalf every day for forty-consecutive days. Every day, this messenger will make individual mention of your name and request.