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Kupat Ha'ir's messengers will pray and mention each name individually 271 consecutive Tefillos at Amukah

 271 Tefillos
"For a Miraculous Yeshuah"
 This segulah was brought to the attention of Kupat Ha'ir by Maran Hagaon Harav Aharon Leib Steinman zt"l. 
"Tell the contributors, tell them," he requested. "There are some requests that are answered only after 271 tefillos."
Maran quoted the Midrash about the wife of Ovadya. The gabbaim of Kupat Ha'ir went and checked the midrash Maran had directed them to, as well as Radak's commentary there. What they saw floored them: 
Ovadya's wife prayed 265 prayers. She poured her heart out to Hashem, visited kivrei tzaddikim… it's clear she invested tremendous effort in order to reach the very high number of 265 – and still she wasn't answered.
But when she had prayed 271 tefilos – just another little bit – the gates of heaven opened wide and she merited extraordinary blessing. Elisha Hanavi blessed her that she would never lack oil in her flask, and indeed, the oil flowed and flowed until she'd filled up all her vessels. 
You've davened so much. You daven every day. Still, now Kupat Ha'ir is offering you 271 tefillos at Amukah, and with Hashem's help, that could bring about your yeshuah.