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Kupat Ha'ir's messengers will pray and mention each name individually 271 tefillos at Amukah plus 49 consecutive days at each of five holy sites For a total of 516 tefillos, the numerical equivalent of Va'eschanan

Va'eschanan – 516 Tefillos
Kupat Ha'ir offers the following select option for contributors:
A. Prayers will be offered on your behalf for forty consecutive days at Amukah,for you to gain the merit of the segulah of "He who prays for something for forty days is certainly answered."
B. Each name will be mentioned individually at the holy tziyun in Amukah until 271 prayers have been recited, in accordance with the midrash.
C. In addition, every day for forty-nine days, prayers will be offered on your behalf and each name will be mentioned individually at the Kosel Hama'aravi, Me'aras Hamachpeilah, Meron, Kever Rochel and the tziyun of the Shelah Hakadosh – the holiest gateways to heaven.
The 49 th day is                 15th Av which is a very special day for tefilla for zivugim! 271 tefillos in Amukah and another 49 days of non-stop tefillos in each of the other five holy sites – equals precisely 516 tefillos.
Va'eschanan el Hashem ba'eis hahi… prayers of supplication recited with warmth, fervor, passion and hope will soar heavenward from all these holy sites, and Hashem, our loving and merciful Father, will say "you have suffered enough". Instead of appearing on a list of names to be davened for, your name will appear in an engagement announcement in the paper…