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Have Your Name Prayed For At 6 Mekomos Kedoshim Within 24 Hours

Have Your Name Prayed For At 6 Mekomos Kedoshim Within 24 Hours

 The Moment of Truth

Kupat Ha'ir has important news for you!
Any time you want, pick up the phone and submit your name and personal request. Our messengers will immediately rush to the six holiest and most auspicious sites in Eretz Yisrael to pray on your behalf, carefully mentioning your name and personal request. They will present your name to Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit"a, as well, so that you can benefit from the tzaddik's blessing.
We will be there for you on whichever day you choose. Whenever you feel the need to be prayed for, one phone call to Kupat Ha›ir is all it takes to have numerous messengers set out to the mekomos kedoshim. They will travel across the country and pray that you merit your specific request. Maran, shlit"a, too, will receive your names and give his blessing.

The Critical Day

Can you recall moments in your life that can only be described as «fateful?» You›re going about your daily routine when you suddenly receive a phone call that your son took a spill in cheder and is being rushed to the hospital. You learn that today›s the day you will become a father. Your child is undergoing a complicated medical procedure and you can›t stop praying that everything will go smoothly. You receive a job offer out of the blue. Someone calls and says, «Start packing. You›re going to be a rosh kollel in an obscure town halfway across the country.» The money you planned to use as a down payment for an apartment disappears from under your mattress. You realize with a jolt that your son›s ruchniyus is slipping. Your child is going on a trip and you want to envelop him with a special layer of protection. Your wife has a job interview scheduled for today. You›re tense. Something fateful is about to happen and you want special siyatta dishmaya.
When Your Fate Hangs in the Balance – Make Sure to Acquire Protection.
Too often, such moments catch us unprepared. We feel helpless: we would like to spend hours immersed in fervent prayer; to go directly to Meron; to bury our face in the paroches at Kever Rachel. But in most cases, none of these is an option.
The world around you keeps up its normal hustle and bustle, but for you, this day is of critical importance. Fervent prayer at this moment has the potential to alter the course of your entire life. Please Hashem, help me! I need Your assistance. Have mercy!
A prayer on your behalf will be recited on that same day at all the mekomos hakedoshim. Your personal prayer on your personal day. 
Maran Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit»a, is exceptionally fond of Kupat Ha›ir. He knows precisely when to expect a messenger from Kupat Ha›ir and his door is always open to Kupat Ha›ir. In addition to sending messengers to seven holy sites on any day you choose, we will also send a messenger to the home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit»a, with a request for a blessing.
Every one of us encounters days when he needs a special measure of siyatta dishmaya. Days when, if it were only possible, he would personally visit kivrei avos and pray from the bottom of his heart. 
From now on, it is indeed possible to have your name prayed for at various holy sites whenever you feel that need for extra divine assistance. From now on, you have messengers at your beck and call, ready to pray on your behalf on very short notice. All it takes is one phone call.