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On the holiest of days - Yom Kippur itself - two Gedolei HaDor will include your names in their Mi Sh'Berech when they are called to the Torah. Maran Harav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a and Maran HaRav Gershon Edelstein shlit"a will beseach the Heavens that you be signed for a sweet, good year



You read correctly.

Two Gedolei Torah will stand and daven for you on Yom Kippur. For you, they will make a special "Misheberach" when they are called up to the Torah, and they will guarantee a good year for you.

This seems like another gimmick from the think-tank of Kupat Ha'ir, which is trying to provide for and feed the needy before Yom Tov. (You have to admit that we're talking about a pretty good goal; also the needy need  to eat on Yom Tov…) But no. This isn't some made-up idea. We need to lay out the truth clearly on the table. These days are weighty.

Krias HaTorah on Yom Kippur is a highly significant time. The following are the words of the holy Zohar: (דף ר"ו ע"א- with changes in the language, to obviate the need for geniza(: "When they remove the Sefer Torah  from the Aron Kodesh to read for the congregation- the gates of mercy are opened in Heaven and the love between Knesses Yisrael and the Holy One, blessed be He, is aroused…and these specific pesukim themselves stand before the Creator and say, I am parshah so-and-so that congregation so-and-so completed in such-and-such a way and with such-and-such intentions; for a person fashions flames with the breath of his mouth, and the angels take them up before the Holy One…"

Within the awesomeness of Yom Kippur, the day of the sealing of the judgment, there are moments of even more potency, and they are during Krias HaTorah. And at this tremendous ais ratzon, time of Divine favor, the holiest people, the most righteous, the Gedolei HaDor, await these most auspicious moments, these moments replete with Divine compassion- and then what do they do?

They bless you publicly, loudly, among overflowing crowds of Jews- and such a tefillah has tremendous power in Heaven. And the combined influence of such a holy time, on such a holy day, with such holy people, during Krias HaTorah, plus the power of the congregation, plus the power of tzedaka- will all stand by you in judgment. And what do you have to do? Just make a one-time contribution to Kupat Ha'ir. Whatever you, and other Jews like you contribute, will be divided among 20,000 poverty-stricken people.

The Yamim Noraim- the High Holy Days. Children, satisfaction, income, taxes, safety…everything is being weighed and apportioned. Who will live; who will get married; who will lose money; who will have success and blessing. But He Who answered Avraham Avinu on Har HaMoriah, will also answer Maran Sar HaTorah HGR' Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a and Maran Rabeinu HGR'Y. G. Edelstein shlit"a as they stand in the beis knesses, and bless the donors of Kupat Ha'ir that they should be signed and sealed for a good year.