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All names which are submitted each day of Chanukah until ׁ3 p.m.(8 a.m. U.S. timeׁ) will be given that day to Maran Harav Chaim Kanievsky shlita For tefillah at the time of Hadlokas Neir Chanukah

A Peek Into Their Homes
.The diversity of Klal Yisrael, is no more apparent than in the different minhagim practiced by our Gedolim during Hadlakas Neiros of Chanukah. Each of them has his own distinct mesorah of menorah, wicks, oil, place to light and accompanying niggunim
.But there is one custom that is the same in the home of many of the Gedolei Hador, shlit"a. They all make sure to perform it punctiliously. Immediately after Hadlakas Neiros, money  is placed into the tzedakah box of Kupat Ha'ir

Klal Yisrael Follows in Their Footsteps
This year, when we perform the mitzvah of Hadlakas Neiros Chanukah, let us follow the example of the Gedolim and do as they do; let this custom of contributing to Kupat Ha'ir become part of the Chanukah tradition in our homes too. 
?If Gedolei Hador, shlit"a, make it a priority to give tzedakah to Kupat Ha'ir when they kindle the Chanukah licht – should we not adopt this custom as well
,On Chanukah, as you stand near the candles in your home 
drinking in their ethereal light – stop! Ask yourself - have you contributed to Kupat Ha'ir yet? We are all in need of so many yeshuos: good health, nachas, purity of heart and eyes, ahavas haTorah and Yiras Shamayim, abundant parnassah – and all the powerful blessings that the mitzvah of kindling the Chanukah lights can bring when this mitzvah is performed in the most mehudar way. Including the mitzvah of tzedakah at this time further opens the gates of abundance for us in even greater ways


All names that are submitted to Kupat Ha'ir before 8p.m. each day of Chanukah, will be given on that day to the Gedolei Torah at the auspicious time of Hadlokas Neiros Chanukah